Small Animal News 

We have unfortunately seen several cases recently of Myxomatosis in pet rabbits. This is a usually fatal disease and can be prevented by vaccination. It is spread by contact with wild rabbits and also by rabbit fleas and mosquitos who have already fed from infected rabbits. If your rabbit isn't vaccinated you can phone our reception during office hours to make an appointment on 01326 572216. For baby rabbits we offer a Head Start vaccine package.

We have recently purchased a new small animal digital dental x-ray unit. This means that we can now undertake dental work to an even higher standard, as we can see exactly what is happening below the gum line. For instance a tooth may look totally healthy but it may have a severely infected root and therefore should be extracted. For the next few weeks (until early December) we will be giving clients the option of having free dental x-rays for their dogs and cats when they are admitted for dentals. This is so that we can fine tune our patient and plate positioning before we start charging for the procedure.    

The January 2018 special offer for loyalty club pets is : 

15% off all Royal Canin, Hills and Burgess foods bought at the practice in this month.

(Dogs, cats and rabbits are automatic members of our loyalty club if they are up to date with their annual vaccinations which have been done by us)


Puppy, kitten, baby rabbit and adult pet annual vaccinations 

After carefully considering all the latest scientific information available, we decided to change our vaccination schedules and vaccine manufacturers. We are no longer using the Nobivac range of vaccines, including the Nobivac L4 vaccine. We are now using the Merial range of vaccines including the new Lepto multi vaccine.

The Lepto multi vaccine protects against 3 of the 4 strains of the L4 vaccine and is a newer and purer vaccine with less potential for producing side effects. 

(The evidence linking the missing 4th strain, Lepto Bratislava with any clinical cases in the UK, is now looking much less convincing following more stringent scientific bacterial typing.)

Also and most importantly the new Lepto multi vaccine provides better protection against the main types of leptospirosis that we do see in the UK ; Lepto Canicola and Lepto Icterohaemorrhagica.

There have been cases reported of a new rabbit disease in this country: RVHD type 2. 

It can cause illness with varying symptoms including haemorrhages or in some cases, sudden death can occur. (A recent case occurred in Weston Super Mare.)

Our previous routine rabbit vaccination course ptotected against Myxomatosis and the other main strain of RVHD type 1.

A vaccine has now recently thankfully become available against the new strain RVHD2 and we are incorporating it into our vaccination schedules, both for the Head Start Rabbit and also for the booster vaccines.

In the Head Start rabbit package we are now giving a Myxo RVHD1 as usual when the rabbit is over 6 weeks of age but the second RVHD2 vaccine has to be given after the age of 10 weeks and at least 2 weeks after the first injection.

Boosters against the RVHD2 are currently recommended at 6 month intervals. The Myxo and RVHD1 are at 12 month intervals.

If your rabbit is already vaccinated against the Myxo and RVHD1 you can phone our reception and request getting your rabbit vaccinated against the RVHD2, as long as there has been at least a 2 week gap since the last Myxo RVHD1 booster.