Equine Practice 

We provide our equine clients with a 24 hour emergency service (for conditions such as colic and "choke") as well as the usual routine daytime services. 

Please phone our Large Animal phone line on 01326 572215 if  you require a Veterinary Surgeon to see your horse.. 

If your horse is lame or sick,we will conduct a thorough clinical examination, combined with any necessary laboratory tests, to arrive at the diagnosis and choose the appropriate treatment.

We have recently purchased a portable cordless equine x-ray unit and can now carry out xrays of the lower limbs. 

Equine referral practices: We have a very good relationship with regional equine referral practices and can arrange referral for cases that need abdominal surgery or hospitalisation.

Vaccination: We send out computer generated reminders for Equine Flu and Tetanus. The Vaccination consultation is a good opportunity, for the Veterinary Surgeon to assess your horses general health, discuss worming strategies and look out for any dental problems.

We strongly recommend that you particularly keep the Tetanus vaccine up to date, as we do see cases of tetanus (a usually fatal and extremely distressing disease) in our area in unvaccinated horses.

With regard to the Equine Flu vaccine, it is important that you keep on eye on the date that the booster is due by. If you take your horse to shows or other events, it is necessary to start the complete course again even if it has lapsed by only one day.

Our equine reminder letters are computer generated and are generally very accurate, but we do ask owners to check the dates on their booster cards themselves. We can't be held responsible for any overdue boosters resulting from postal problems, or the occasional computer glitch!

Dental Work: Let us know if you require your horses teeth rasping or you want its' mouth examined. We have the appropriate mouth gags available and a range of suitable rasps. Some horses tolerate this procedure much better if they are sedated and we can provide and carefully monitor this service for you.

Equine passports and microchipping:  We provide a full service, in order that you can fulfil your obligations resulting from the current legislation.

Worming: We carry out faecal egg counts at the practice and can give targeted worming advice tailored to each equine clients particular situation. We stock a good range of competitively priced worming products in our practice dispensary. 

Colt castration: Our policy is to usually send two Veterinary Surgeons to castrate a colt. This is so that one Vet can perform the surgery whilst the other can administer and monitor the general anaesthetic - thereby helping to minimise the risks.