Exotic & Wildlife Practice 

Exotic and wildlife medicine and surgery is an expanding area of the practice. 

We treat large numbers of exotic animals at the practice including snakes, tortoises, lizards, parrots, alpacas, llamas, camels, seals and penguins. We have also treated and helped with the reflotation of several stranded dolphins and whales.


We encourage annual health checks for reptiles and birds, where we can assess their general health, weigh them and address any possible environmental, feeding or health problems - taking blood samples if necessary. We use isoflurane anaesthesia and have good surgical facilities for undertaking operations such as removing eggs from egg bound tortoises or other reptiles. We can microchip tortoises and parrots at the practice. 

Camelids: We have clients who keep alpacas, llamas and bactrian camels. Apart from just treating the sick animals when the need arises, we can also undertake annual health checks and give advice on vaccination, worming and conduct examinations for insurance purposes. 


Paul Riley does most of the Veterinary work at the National Seal Sanctuary at Gweek.The Sanctuary rescues ill or injured stranded seal pups in the autumn and releases them in the spring when they are healthy and of a suitable release weight. Routine veterinary visits to the seal sanctuary are undertaken through the season and if seal pups need to have x-rays or general anaesthetics, we will carry these out back at our practice. Every year we do general anaesthetics on a number of pups, to carry out surgical procedures such as removing infected digits, dental extractions, repairing fractures and operating on ulcerated corneas.