The Farm Practice  

Preventive medicine: The emphasis nowadays is on routine preventative work, to enable the farmer to maximise efficiency and profitability, without any compromise with their animals welfare.

We provide a service for all types of farming enterprises - from the large dairy unit to the smallholder with a few animals. We deal with all species of farm animals; dairy and beef cattle, sheep and pigs.

Much of our farm work consists of Dairy Herd health and fertility work, with mastitis control, lameness, nutrition and housing concerns being addressed.

Herd health visits: We offer our dairy farmers the option of having regular Herd Health visits at a special discounted rate. A specific Veterinary Surgeon, will do the regular herd health visits at a particular farm. The advantage of this, is that the Vet will get to know that farms particular problems and concerns, the management system and can then give targeted and specific advice to deal with any fertility, health or environmental issues that may arise. We perform both manual and ultrasound methods of pregnancy diagnosis.

We also have a large number of beef farms. As well as treating the animals with calving problems or the sick or injured, we provide routine services such as synchronising cows for AI, pregnancy diagnosis, disbudding, dehorning and castrating.For all our cattle farmers, we can offer advice on worming strategies, vaccinations and nutrition problems.

 As well as  providing routine services for our cattle farmers, we provide a good emergency service for the still inevitable emergency problems that run hand in hand with any system of livestock production such as calvings, prolapsed uterus, caesarians and lame cows. Several of our vets have attended courses to learn the Dutch foot trimming techniques.

Sheep farms:  Although our area of Cornwall is not traditionally one of large scale sheep production we are finding that increasing number of clients are keeping sheep. Some as small hobby type farms and some as larger commericial type enterprises. We can provide all the services, both routine and emergency required by the sheep farmer, and several of our Vets have a particular interest in sheep work; some having previously worked in areas of the country where sheep are more prolific. Apart from the emergency work which tends to be centred around the lambing season, we can set out preventative medicine strategies for the client, giving advice on increasing lambing percentages, worming, nutritional problems and housing.

We have our own well stocked large animal dispensary, where we stock a good range of competitively priced dry and milking cow tubes, injectables and other medicines. We can provide specific and accurate advice, when farmers purchase their wormers and vaccines from us.

We have several pig farming clients:  As well as the usual emergency work that arises when animals are sick or have farrowing problems, we can give advice on disease control and prevention, nutrition , parasite control and fertility problems.

Our large animal phone number is 01326 572215