Our Vets 

Paul Riley (Small animal Director)

Paul grew up in Derbyshire and qualified from Edinburgh University in 1983. After working in several mixed practices including a year in Dubai (where work included polo ponies, exotics and camels), he moved to Helston in 1993. Paul became a partner in 1998 and a director in 2013. He enjoys ophthalmic cases (he has the GP Cert in Ophthalmology), soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery and treating the seals (at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary at Gweek). Paul is studying for the PGDiploma/MSc in Stem cells/Regeneration at Bristol University Medical School and is using Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate Stem Cell transplants to treat cases of osteoarthritis in the practice. Paul spends much of his time with small animals and exotics but still enjoys large animal emergency work,- especially calvings and lambings. His management duties include organising the small animal and exotics side, practice IT systems, small animal pharmacy and the nurse training.


Johnny Alston (Farm and equine Director)

Johnny grew up on a Wiltshire farm, qualifying from Liverpool University in 1981. After initially working for the PDSA, he worked in several mixed practices in Yorkshire and Wiltshire, moving to Cornwall in 1992. Johnny joined the then partnership in 2011, becoming a director in July 2013. Although now spending much of his time doing farm and equine work (and in particular doing routine herd health farm visits), he still enjoys small animal medical and surgical cases and emergency work. On the farm side, he is particularly interested in fertility work and mastitis control, as well as large animal surgery. Johnny organises the practice farm/equine work and also has the unenviable job of arranging the TB tests - thankfully with the help of a good support team led by Edwina Andrew. Johnny is also in charge of the farm and equine pharmacy.


Susanna MaidwellSusanna qualified from London University in 1983. After qualifying, she worked in practices in Oxfordshire and the West Midlands, before coming to this practice in 1988. Susanna works part time in the practice and deals solely with small animals. She has a special interest in geriatrics, using therapeutic dietary manipulation (such as prescription diets),internal medicine and dermatology. 

Melanie Bruce-Miller

Melanie Bruce-Miller is from Zambia where her family has a large herd of Brahman cattle, a flock of sheep and a game farm. At home in Zambia her family also have a pack of ten very spoilt dogs and she has an equally spoilt rescue dog in the UK!  Melanie joined us in 2017 after she qualified from the University of Kosice in Slovakia. Melanie enjoys participating in all aspects of our mixed practice, especially calving cows, and working up small animal medical cases and doing surgery. Melanie is a member of Mullion surf life saving club and her other hobbies include  running, fishing and swimming.  


Roxanne Knight

Roxanne is from Saltash and joined us in 2018 after qualifying from the University of Kosice in Slovakia. Roxanne has settled in really well and become a valued member of our team successfully participating in all aspects of our mixed practice. She is equally at home dealing with small animal medical and surgical cases, treating sick animals on farms and giving advice to farmers. Roxanne has taken on the often time consuming task of producing our farm and equine newsletters and we are very grateful to her for this! In her spare time Roxanne enjoys walking her young border collie in the Cornish countryside.

Pui Yu Pui Pui is from Brampton in Cumbria and joined us in June 2019 after qualifying from the University of Edinburgh. She enjoys the wide variety of work in our mixed practice and has settled in really well. Coming from Cumbria, I suppose a border terrier had to be an obvious choice of dog for her! He's a rescue dog called Whiskey and he really enjoys taking Pui Pui for walks in the Cornish countryside. 


Mairi Herdman

Mairi Herdman lives locally with her family. She works as a small animal locum vet and we are very  fortunate to be able to have her doing one Saturday morning surgery a month for us.