Small Animal 

The small animal department has a team of dedicated Veterinary Surgeons and Nurses. They all attend regular continuing professional development courses, to ensure that they are continually kept updated with the latest advances in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery.

We have Vets with particular interests in different aspects of small animal practice, including dermatology, geriatric medicine, ophthalmology, soft tissue surgery, internal medicine, dentistry, behavioural problems and diets. 

The practice has excellent facilities and is very well equipped with the latest in equipment, including:

  • 4 consulting rooms and a separate admissions and discharge room.
  • 2 purpose built and well equipped operating theatres and diagnostic suite with digital X-ray and ultrasound.
  • Isoflurane anaesthesia and multiparameter anaesthetic monitoring.
  • Dental machine (with high speed drill and ultrasonic scaler) and dental xray machine.
  • On site full haematology, biochemistry, electrolytes, T4 and cortisol for results within minutes!
  • Harvest prep centrifuge for preparing bone marrow samples for BMAC (bone marrow aspirate concentrate) stem cell treatments for dogs with osteoarthritis.
  • Well stocked dispensary
  • Modern hospitalisation suite with stainless steel cages and a separate isolation room.

Out of Hours: We provide our own 24 hour emergency service for our clients. We use a veterinary phone deputising service (Truro based), to take our out of hours calls. The person answering the phone, will immediately contact our duty Veterinary Surgeon, who will then phone you back and make arrangements to see your pet at our practice in Helston. 

You won't have to travel to another town or practice out of hours unlike with some other local practices

Pet Insurance: As we are not agents for any one company, we can't recommend any particular company. However, we do advise pet owners to take out pet insurance and to read the small print carefully. Ongoing medical cases, surgical emergencies and referals can all run up large bills.

Spaying of dogs and cats is usually done from about 5 and a  1/2 / 6 months of age.There is strong evidence that spaying bitches at this age (before they have had a season), reduces mammary tumour incidence later in life. The main exception is for larger breed bitches such as Newfoundlands, St Bernards and Wolfhounds. We recommend that they have one season before we spay them, as they benefit from having their female hormones being produced until after their growth plates close. Female cats may start coming into season from 7 or 8 months old so are best spayed at 6 months old.

We recommend that male dogs are castrated  between 6 and 12 months of age. The actual age is not so critical for male dogs, although there is some evidence to suggest that very nervous male dogs benefit from not being castrated  until after they are about 10 or 11 months old. 

Male cats are better castrated nearer to six months old, as if they are castrated after puberty they (and their urine) may already be smelling quite strongly! 

Six month dental check reminders are sent for pets, who received dental treatment 6 months previously. This consultation gives us an opportunity to assess the pets' current oral health, checking for signs of gum disease, dental problems and other oral conditions. 

Pre operative blood samples: Owners of pets undergoing sugery (especially older pets), are given the option of their pet having a pre-op blood sample analysed in our haematology/biochemistry analyser, for signs of disorders such as anaemia, high white cell count indicating infection, diabetes, liver or renal disease - some conditions may complicate anaesthesia and necessitate postponement of the operation, or for example additional intravenous fluids may be needed during the surgery. 

Euthanasia: We fully understand that losing a pet is like losing a member of the family. We will always do our utmost to make the euthanasia consultation as stress free as possible. 

Cremation: Afterwards you can bury your pet at home or we can arrange either a routine or individual cremation at the excellent local Penwith Pet Crematorium.