The practice was founded in the late 1870s, by Charles Hoadley MRCVS. (the first qualified Vet to work in Cornwall). His future son in law Alfred Head FRCVS.CMG. qualified in 1897 and after returning from the Boer war, joined Charles in the practice.

Stanley Head MRCVS. qualified in 1909 and joined his elder brother Alfred in the practice. When Mr Hoadley retired, the two brothers named the practice Head and Head. 

Coinage Hall in the main street of Helston, was purchased for £700 in 1911 and the practice worked out of these premises for the next 77 years. Stanley moved to the Romney Marsh in 1926. Alfred then ran the practice on his own, until his son Charles Head MRCVS. qualified in 1933. Charles joined his father, in what was then a solely farm practice. They worked together until Alfred died in 1952. Norman Dinsdale joined the practice during the second world war and worked as a partner until his death in 1960. Charles then ran the practice with one other assistant, until the mid sixties when it grew to four vets. John Saunders and Noel Stuart both joined the partnership in 1968, John Saunders was a partner until his death in 1975.

Noel Stuart (who grew up in the Isle of Man and had previously worked in Tavistock), was instrumental in developing the small animal side, of what had previously been an almost solely large animal practice. Noel remained working in the practice (apart from when he took a sabbatical year out - obtaining his MSc in Aquatic Pathobiology from Stirling University in 1979) until 1994, when he semi-retired; he continued to work part time for several more years. 

John Head: Helston born and the 4th generation of a Veterinary dynasty, qualified from London University in 1972. and worked in the practice from then (apart from a sabbatical break in 1981, when he spent 7 months in a South African, mixed Veterinary practice) until April 2007 when he retired.

John was one of the first Vets in Cornwall, to introduce the then wholly new concept of regular preventative herd health visits on the farm side of the practice. Now that he has retired, John is often to be seen working on or sailing in his yacht "Quaker Girl". John first competed in the Azores yacht race several years ago and recently successfully competed in the 2011 race with his son Alex. John is enjoying his retirement and helps us out by doing some TB testing for us..

Recently John has been taking a regular busmans holiday helping out the charity 
 "The friends of strays of Greece". He has been to Aegina several times with his wife Sue acting as his nurse and has spayed and castrated hundreds of dogs and cats!.

Tony Ross worked in the practice from 1978 until 2013 and joined the partnership in 1982, to be followed by the now also retired partner David Cromey in 1984.

In 1988 the practice moved from Coinage Hall to modern premises at Water Ma Trout where the 3000 sq foot building and ample parking space has allowed the practice to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Charles Hoadley Alfred Head Stanley Head Charles Head John Head