A comprehensive in-house service for Cornish pets

Our friendly team has been taking great care of local pets since the 1870s, and we’re proud to offer 24/7 care at our fully equipped site in Helston, 365 days a year.

Our fantastic facilities also mean that we’re always prepared to meet your pet’s needs, whatever the time of day.

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Pet Health Plan

Your pet will need routine treatments and vaccinations throughout its life, and our plan gives the peace of mind that comes from knowing that care is covered.



We offer vaccinations to the pets of Helston to protect them from a range of preventable but potentially serious illnesses.



Castration and spaying for your pet, as well as advice on when and why to perform them.



We microchip the pets of Helston to give you the best possible chance of seeing them again if they are lost or stolen.



We provide medication and advice to help prevent the pets of Helston from suffering from fleas, worms and ticks.

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We’ve made everything a little bit easier for you and your pet, as we offer a wide range of services and treatments, including preventative treatments, comprehensive inpatient care and diagnostics, all in-house.