Round-the-clock care for the horses of Cornwall, 365 days a year

Our knowledgeable equine team is available 24/7, 365 days a year, and can advise on everything from vaccinations and microchipping to castration and parasite control.

You can trust our team to recommend the most suitable treatments for your horse, pony or donkey, either at your site or from our comprehensively equipped premises in Helston. 

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Our team can use portable x-ray machines to examine your horse and recommend the best treatment options.


Equine Vaccinations

Vaccinations are an important part of your horse, pony or donkey’s routine healthcare, and we can offer protection from diseases such as equine influenza and tetanus.


Equine Dental care

We can offer advice on optimal dental hygiene, as well as routine procedures, manual and electric teeth rasps, floats and more. Sedation is also available.


Parasite control

We offer a range of preventative and parasite treatments, and can assist with red worm testing, faecal worm counts and tapeworm monitoring.



Colt castrations have many benefits, and we can send veterinary surgeons to you to carry out the procedure and help with monitoring.


Equine Passports and microchipping

We can provide equine microchips and passports as well as any associated documentation.


In-house laboratory

We can conduct a range of tests at our onsite laboratory.

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